Wednesday, 17 July 2013

On the Painting Table: Cryx Mechanithralls!

It's the Mechanithralls!

These cute little blighters have some good and bad points as far as t5he models (and rules) are concerned.

To overcome the models' shortcomings I came up with an ingenious colour scheme designed to emphasise the good bits and de-emphasise the not so good bits.

So instead of being zombie skeletons with bionic parts, they're now wearing black bodygloves. This keeps the focus on the better parts of the miniatures. They look a tad sci-fi but at least they look good.

They were painted metal and dark grey with four layers of black ink and then highlighted two shades of metal.

This is my favourite one.

In-game they flood the opponent's lines with easy to kill but easy to resurrect annoyance. And with some properly applied debuff spells, their bionic fists can pack quite a nasty punch or ten.

I'm aiming for two full size units of ten with a Necrotech and Stitch Thralls to resurrect them and some Brute Thralls for extra muscle.

Watch this space!

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