Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Spotlight On: Cryx Bane Knights

You’ve gotta love Cryx.

And Bane Knights exemplify just one of the many cool aspects. 

Spectral undead knights gliding through terrain to strike with unerring accuracy, whacking the hurt in with Weapons Master giving them boosted damage rolls and Ghostly allowing them to freely break off from combat to attack seek juicier targets.

On top of that, Vengeance lets them get an extra move and attack when one of them is killed giving their opponent pause when deciding on target priority.

I find with some models that they don’t inspire me at the painting stage as much as I thought they would and if I’m not careful I rush (and bodge) the paint job somewhat.

Well this is an example of that in action. They’ll do but they need a paint revisit one day when I can be bothered to go the extra mile.  

Meanwhile I’m really looking forward to seeing how they play on the battlefield.

I have a bit of a theme going with these guys to some extent and might follow it up with Bane Thralls and the Withershadow Combine at some point.

We’ll see.

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