Friday, 26 July 2013

On the Painting Table: Scather Crew

The Legion of Everblight Scather is a nice little unit that I got by surprise.

My lovely wife bought it me for my birthday from my Amazon Wish List and I'd totally forgotten I'd put it down.

They were my first Blighted Nyss models on foot so I had to decide on the entire armie's colour scheme right there. I'm reasonably happy.

They look slightly better in person than they do here.

It was dark turquise then mid with a touch of light. The furry bits were Graveyard Earth | Kommando Khaki and the rest was Graveyard Earth | Black Wash | Graveyard Earth.

The catapult itself it really nice.

They got their ass kicked in their first game but they looked good doing it and they had one good round of shooting.

Better deployment next time I think.

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