Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Campaign Map and Initial Ideas

Allow me to present the basic starting campaign for my War Machine and Hordes campaign.

Blood Mount Isle!

Blood Mount Isle is a mysterious island that has suddenly been discovered rising from the mists of the sea. It is wild and dangerous, pock marked with volcanic activity but also inhabited by human beings long disconnected from their brethren on the mainland. 

There are mysterious ruins and dense jungle; and dotted around the island, four terrifying and gargantuan standing stones throbbing with arcane power. At the heart of the isle is a lake of fire, at the centre of which is a temple where the energy from the standing stones can be focused.

All indications show that if a single faction could take control of all four standing stones and the central temple as well then a ritual could be performed that would change the entire world.

Unlike my Last Chance War and Conflict Valorax campaigns, I decided to go with a Hex based map though apart from that I plan to run it in a similar way to Last Chance War.

The factions are deployed in the different zones around the island and will spread out, gaining additional detachments depending on the number of hexes they control. I haven’t decided yet how many hexes will warrant a new force.

The objective of the campaign is going to be to take control of the standing stones and temple.

For each standing stone controlled, that faction will gain an extra FOCUS or FURY point for all their Warlocks and Warcasters. When one faction finally controls them all (which could take years of playing time – if it ever occurs) then the campaign will be concluded as that faction remakes the world in their image.
I plan to have story-based terrain-specific games and an ongoing plotline of sorts.

I’m NOT planning to go into the same detail story-wise as I did with my other campaigns. It is VERY time consuming to keep up with.

The campaign (and blog) are here to keep me and my players focused and interested and to showcase the miniatures and terrain used.

Let’s see how it develops…

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