Tuesday, 9 July 2013

On the Painting Table: Trygon from the Legion of Everblight

Ah, what a beauty! And to think I didn't like Legion of Everblight warbeasts at first!

This is Trygom, a character warbeast from the Legion of Everblight with a great set of rules allowing him three powerful bites against tough models and three breath weapon attacks against infantry - even when in combat!

I painted him from dark grey, highlighting up to light grey and then off white. His armour plates are GW's Graveyard Earth | Black ink | Graveyard Earth.

My army needed another big beast and he fits the profile perfectly. In addition, he has a special connection to Thagrosh, my Warlock, allowing them both to regenerate when necessary.

He's just perfect!

Here he is with Thagrosh and my Carnivean, his heads thrashing about so quickly that they've become blurred.

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