Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Scenery Showcase & Campaign Ruminations

And here we have the board set up for my next game, utilising the Games Workshop Walls & Fences, GW trees and a bunch of armature and lichen trees I made myself from parts bought from Hobbycraft and a railway model shop.

The idea is that one force is making their way up this sunken road when they are ambushed by another faction.

I’ve been thinking of dropping the campaign plan and replacing it with something completely different.

I’m going for a model that will see the factions working through several levels t5o get to the centre of the island. They will need to be successful at one level to push toward the standing stones at the centre. 

Basically at Level 1 the factions be at the edge of the island and will fight one another to gain a beachhead. At subsequent levels, they will battle inland.

The idea is that the focus is on gaming and character progression (through Warjack bonding) rather than on too laborious in terms of map movement or story.

As per usual I will tend to use narrative scenarios to keep it varied and interesting, tweaking them depending on how far into the island the forces have reached.

And I remembered the most important rule of planning a campaign:

Getting playing is the first objective!

I can come up with the detail as I go.  

So the first game is going to be Cryx versus Khador and should be starting off tomorrow night. My wife and I tend to play our games over a day or three.

Meanwhile I should be able to post pictures of my newly painted Cygnar warjacks in a day or two.

Stay tuned!

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