Sunday, 24 June 2012

On the Painting Table: The Circle Orboros Battlegroup

Hello, good evening, and welcome.

I've been collecting Hordes and War Machine for a while now and it is long past due that I started getting serious about both painting and gaming.

Hence this new blog, focusing on both the painting and playing of both games as part of an ongoing campaign.

And to celebrate, here is my newly painted Circle Orboros Battlegroup starter set, beginning with my Feral Warpwolf. 

It's a beautiful (if rather static) model. I won't bore you with the paints I used. I used GW paints and they've changed all the names now anyway.

The only thing you really need to know is that I followed my minimum three colours on each element of the model rule.

Here's Kaya the Wildborne - my first Circle Warlock. I'm not a HUGE fan of the model but like her a lot more now she's painted up.

Observant viewers will notice that I totally stuck her staff on the wrong way round.

The Starter Box comes with a couple of two-headed dogs called Argus. Heh. As I write this I'm thinking to myself that I don't REALLY like any of the models in the set.

Why did I buy it, you may ask. Well the good news is that, painted up They are growing on me.

Here's another two-headed dog. Not much more I can say about that really.

I would have liked the heads to come in different poses. Both Argus's have the same heads, even though they're in different poses.

I have some Druids and a Wold Guardian and with these guys too, that's a good starting force.

Here's looking forward to my first Circle of Orboros game.

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