Friday, 29 June 2012

The Developing Campaign Map

I didn’t have much time last night but this is the next stage progression of the map.

As you can see, the realms have expanded and I’m now at the critical point where I have to decide how the detachments will appear on the map, how they’ll move, how they’ll attack, how many will there be for each faction, how many hexes need to be captured before another army is earned, etc.

It’s a tricky decision.

I’m leaning toward having each army possess a “front” that extends to either side of it – a zone of influence. Within that zone they will be able to attack or defend but the distance away from the actual army itself will have an impact on the mission.

In the War Machine campaign book I was reading it suggested the idea of having game length restrictions, scenario deployment and restrictions depending on the “Proximity” of the enemy army. I might purloin a bit of that.

This will mean that I don’t need loads of different armies on the map, but though they occupy a single hex, they still can’t be snuck past too easily.

Comments and suggestions would be very gratefully received. 

I’ve also placed the standing stones and central volcano. I’m feeling the standing stone locations are a bit unfair at the moment so I might tweak them to space them out more evenly.  

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