Monday, 24 June 2013

On the Painting Table: Shifting Stones

Well I quite like the official Hordes Shifting Stones but I decided to make a set of my own anyway. I'm not made of money!

These Shifting Stones conversions were made from insulation foam and took me minutes to do.

Minutes I tell you!

Aiming for a mystical feel (and unwilling/unable to try to replicate the official designs) I cut V-shaped slits in each rock so that they could pulse with mystical power.

I can now report that they pulse quite happily.

Though I still haven't found much use for them in-game.

My wife "killed" one of them, thus preventing the teleport assassination run I had planned. As I then kicked her ever-lovin' ass I was unable to utilise their other healing power because I didn't take any damage on my Warpwolves in the whole game while I was tearing her force to shreds.

The remaining two Shifting Stones did look good however while they teleported around into ineffectual but irritating positions.


  1. Wow they are really nice, I like the mystical pulse of those rocks.