Friday, 10 May 2013

More Pictures of the Throne of Everblight

Well these pictures were going to be another battle report but I didn't take enough in game and it was a bit of an abortive game anyway.

Here's the sorceress on the Throne of Everblight leading the charge on some ancient ruins... that look mysteriously like Weathertop from Lord of the Rings.

The aim of the mission was to capture and hold the ruins from the end of the third turn onwards.

As you can see, the Throne was so big that if it wasn't destroyed it would win by default, just because it hogged the entire interior.

Sadly for me it was destroyed in one turn of concentrated fire from the Khador opposition.

I've played a game with the Throne since and have got much better results, basically by keeping it on the flank. It doesn't need to be in the Warlock's CTRL area and being out wide means its survivability increases and its gigantic base doesn't get in the way of the rest of the army.

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