Monday, 9 July 2012

The Twisted Trap

Retribution of Scyrah (Tim) vs Khador (Gill)

The setup here was an ambush staged on a Khador convoy working its way along a sunken road in the woods but it went horribly wrongly for the Retribution of Scyrah when the sunken nature of the road created something of a fortress with bushes along the rim functioning as parapets.

Despite falling back to the treeline in the hopes of luring the Khador forces out (which worked), the assault that followed almost overwhelmed the overconfident Retribution army before their last remaining warrior won the day.

Man of War Demolition Team

A Manhunter, and some Widowmakers take up position as the Juggernaut manoeuvres into position

Khador Juggernaut

Retribution Stormfall Archers
Mymidons advance at the command of Adeptus Rahn (and his friend)

Battle Mages!

A sneaky bit of Telekinesis shunting the Juggernaut into position for a couple of nasty backstrikes!

Snipers advance!

A slightly cowardly but cool-looking Adeptus Rahn

Kommander Sorscha

Widowmakers! Battle Mages! And a pool!

Mr Spock's Elderly Dad



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