Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Assassination Run

Retribution of Scyrah (Tim) vs Khador (Gill)

Withdrawing to nearby village, the Khador forces rally and make a counter strike against the Retribution of Scyrah, taking up firing positions in the graveyard and creeping forward between the buildings. However the Retribution assault is devastating and though a missed opportunity allows the Dragoon horseman to get back into the fight perilously wounded when he could have been dispatched, the battle is ferocious.

The assassin run planned involving the Retribution Fane Knight is balked by a well-placed Bombard shot but Kommander Sorscha overestimates her ability and strays too close to the enemy lines. Leaping forward and sucking her into range with his telekinesis, Adeptus Rahn unleashes a blast from his power gauntlets which is followed by a cascade of explosive power from his Battle Mages.

Barely before it began, the battle is ended as the Khador forces scatter once more. 

Man-o-War Drakhun
Adeptus Rahn, Battle Mages, a Phoenix and a Hydra

A Manhunter

The Phoenix & Hydra get into position with their Arcanist in support

Man-o-War Demolition Corps


Battle Mages

Fane Knight

Kommander Sorscha & her Juggernaut


And the final assassination gambit

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