Friday, 13 July 2012

Spotlight on: Retribution Fane Knight

The Fane Knight was a bit of an impulse buy for me.

As with a lot of Warmachine buying, the model is the most important thing for me – which is tricky considering how crucial the interaction of the rules in in the game.  

It’s a lovely model and unlike my Khador Dragoon, it’s nice this one comes with the rider on foot as well as mounted.

With his powerful attacks, this guy is meant for assassination runs (though in my first game with him he got shot before he had the chance). One crucial rule I didn’t spot before but have read about afterwards is that a dragoon cannot be killed in one shot. He reverts to the on-foot model – then can be killed. I didn’t do this in the game and he would have been in charge range of the enemy warcaster.

Having said that, she might not have moved into range if he had been there so perhaps my ignorance was for the best.  

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