Monday, 22 July 2013

On the Painting Table: Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris

When I first played with Circle Orboros I didn't like them. They seemed weak and entirely rubbish.

That was before I played with this pair and really got to grips with the potential of the force. 

I'm planning to do a full tactics article about the cunning tricks you can get up to with Kaya the Moonhunter and her faithful wolf but for now, let's just say that teleporting a substantial part of one's force opens up a lot of possibilities.

Kaya is a beastmistress and has goaded me to focus my force in that direction, away from constructs. With Kaya in command, living warbeasts get a lot of bonuses and there's no point impairing that efficiency by diluting the force with warbeasts who can't benefit as much.

Kaya is quite a nice model, though her right hand looks terrible (what were they thinking?) but it is her loveable hound that is the best part of the duo. He was a pleasure to paint and looks lovely.

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