Friday, 20 July 2012

Battle For The Devil's Skulls

The Devil's Skulls rise from the ground at arcane hotspots allowing the Warcasters or Warlocks that control them to boost their mystical might.

Here, the Circle Orboros and Khadoran forces clashed, closing on the hideous Temple of Skulls.

Druids slunk through the shadows, pushing forward then pulling back in a delicate feint.

... drawing the Khador Men-o-War out of position.

Three Khadoran Warjacks built a terrifying wall in front of their Warcaster.

But that didn't slow the advance of Kaya Wildborne and her Wold Guardian.

An Argus sped forward to eliminate the Widowmakers lying in ambush but was cut down by rifle fire.

But this too was a feint of sorts. A Woldwyrd floated onto the Temple's platform and hurled mystical energy at the enemy Warcaster.

And the Wold Guardian strode forward. Once again, Sorscha had strayed too close to the front lines.

The Wold Guardian pummelled her already wounded body until she was beaten to submission.

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